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Department of Natural Resources' documents

Department of Natural Resources

Place Name Details Report


ANG Ref. No:

Place Type: IS –Island, Island Group, Islet

Latitude AGD84: 20° 15’ 24” S

Longitude AGD84: 148° 48’ 46” E

Map Reference: 8657-24

Current Status: Current.

Approved Status: Approved.

Gazette Information:

Date Page No. QPN. Plan No.

15/07/1989 2457 391


Name approved by Governor in Council 15 July 1989, as a name change from West Molle Island.

Daydream Island had been in popular use since 1930s

Date Supplied: 7/12/2000 Datum: AGD84



Lake Maroon is the name proposed for the ponded area behind the Maroon Dam on Burnett Creek, in the Shire of Boonah. “Maroon Dam” was the name decided upon by State Cabinet on 11th November 1968. The policy accepted in Australia is to give the same name to the ponded area as is carried by the dam structure, wherever possible. “Maroon” was a pastoral run name dating from the 1840s, which gave its name to “Mount Maroon” and to the district surrounding the ponded area.


Stanage is the name proposed for a new town area in the Shire of Livingstone, in the vicinity of Arthur Point and Thirsty Sound. The township has been planned to include the localities of Plumtree, Alligator Bay and Alligator Point. Stanage Bay lies to the south-east. “Stanage” comes from a run name, which was given in the early 1860s by Frank Newbold, to commemorate the name of “Stanage Park” in Shropshire, the property of his partner’s parents.

Daydream Island

For many years, the Island know to most Queenslanders as “Daydream” has had an alternative name – West Molle Island. The name “Molle” has its origin in “Port Molle”, a name given by Lieutenant Charles Jeffreys R.N., 1815 to the anchorage in the lee of the south-east trade wind, formed by the Molle group of Islands. Jeffreys used the name as a tribute to his friend Colonel George Molle of the 46th Foot Regiment.

When Major Paddy Murray sailed into the Withsundays area in 1933, in his yacht “Daydream”, he bought West Molle Island and called it after his yacht. Very few people in 1989 would be aware of the name “West Molle Island” and it is proposed to omit the name to remove any unnecessary confusion on marine charts.

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